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Research Grants

We announce project grants and research positions dedicated to advancing research and development initiatives aimed at fostering an active and autonomous lifestyle for all individuals regardless of ability. The foundation's primary objective is to facilitate the development and widespread distribution of technical aids, particularly those enhancing mobility, and to support scientific research endeavors geared towards innovating new aids and reinstating mobility and communication abilities for individuals with disabilities.

What Types of Projects are Eligible for Funding?

The foundation exclusively allocates grants to projects that align with its designated purpose.

The Foundation exclusively allocates grants for projects falling within the scope of its defined objectives. The project outcomes are expected to yield a positive impact on a broader demographic and are anticipated to be disseminated through public publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Applications are welcomed from universities, colleges, hospitals, and other public institutions in Sweden.

Only projects affiliated with Swedish organizations or their equivalents are eligible for application. In certain instances, projects conducted abroad may also be considered for application. Private individuals may seek support for projects provided they meet the specified criteria. The Foundation does not extend support to industrial projects or ongoing operations, nor does it provide aid to individuals for the procurement of assistive devices or livelihood grants.

Types of Grants Available

Project Grants

Promobilia Fellowships

Personal Scholarship

Application Periods

Project Grants

  • Friday, February 16th to Monday, March 18th
  • Friday, September 13th to Monday, October 14th


Promobilia Fellowships

  • Friday, August 16th to Monday, September 16th

Decision Process

The assessment process is expected to take approximately three months after the end of the application period. The Foundation will communicate decisions to all applicants via email.

Decisions cannot be appealed. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide individual feedback or justification for our decisions.

General Terms and Conditions

In projects where the grant recipient is not an individual, it is requisite that a responsible individual be designated for the project, and the Foundation should be duly notified.

A separate project accounting for received funds, separate from other activities, must be established.

By accepting a grant, you consent to the Foundation accessing project accounting records upon request.

Requisition of granted funds must be executed within a span of six months subsequent to the announcement of the decision and presupposes that the project has started.

Granted positions within the Promobilia Fellowships program are expected to commence between January 1st and June 30th.

The duration for the disposition of a granted fund shall not exceed two years from the date of approval.

In scientific publications or other public disseminations, it is imperative to acknowledge the support received from the Promobilia Foundation. The Foundation’s logo can be acquired from the images section of the website.


The grant recipient needs to report achieved results. Learn more about the reporting process.

Handling of Personal Data

Personal data is processed in accordance with applicable legislation and other relevant regulations. Learn more about how we handle personal data.