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About Promobilia Fellowships

About the Grants

The Foundation announces grants for research and development aimed at enhancing the quality of life and autonomy for individuals living with disabilities.

The Foundation’s mission is to foster the development and dissemination of technical aids, with a particular emphasis on enhancing mobility, alongside supporting scientific research to create new aids and restore mobility and communication capabilities for individuals with disabilities.

The objective of Promobilia Fellowships is to provide talented individuals, passionate about disability research, the opportunity to initiate a research career within this domain.

By fostering the establishment of more researchers in this vital field, it is our aspiration to bolster and advance disability research, thereby contributing to greater prospects for individuals with disabilities to lead active and independent lives.

Promobilia Fellows become integrated into a network of researchers, invited approximately once a year to the Promobilia Fellows Symposium to exchange insights and foster collaborative endeavors.

Promobilia Fellows are anticipated to present their research at one of these symposia.

Promobilia Postdoctoral Fellowships

The funding duration spans 2 years, with the option for extension by an additional 1 year or until the completion of the doctoral thesis, whichever occurs earlier. The annual grant, tailored to the individual, amounts to 900,000 SEK for postdoctoral fellowships.

The position must be affiliated with a Swedish academic institution, where the appointee will be employed throughout the grant period.

Applicants must have attained their doctoral degree within three years preceding the application date (parental leave is excluded from the 3-year timeframe).

Grant Details

The grant amount is applicable for full-time employment; however, part-time research (minimum 50%) is also permissible, with the duration of the grant adjusted accordingly.

The grant encompasses salary, associated employer contributions, as well as university overhead costs (up to a maximum of 20% of the total amount).

Extension of the Grant

Any potential extension following the initial grant period is determined by the Foundation’s Technical and Scientific Committee subsequent to the submission and evaluation of the application and progress report.

Funding for Promobilia Fellowships

Application Content

1. Personal details for the applicant, encompassing contact information for the endorsing supervisor (such as the head of department or equivalent).

2. Comprehensive project description, inclusive of a layman’s summary in Swedish (please refer to the designated headings within the application system).

3. Research proposal adhering to the provided template (accessible for download or through the application system by initiating a new application).

4. Curricula vitae for both the primary applicant and any co-applicants.

5. Budgetary allocation along with accompanying justification.

Submit a Research Plan

The research plan may not exceed 5 A4 pages and should include the following headings

1. Project Title

2. Need
Provide a comprehensive description of the societal and research needs that underpin the project.

3. Significance
Illustrate how your project will contribute, both in the short and long term, to promoting an active and independent lifestyle for individuals living with disabilities.

4. Purpose and Objectives
Present an overview of the purpose and specific objectives of your research project.

5. Implementation
Detail your proposed approach to executing the research project, including the theories and methodologies upon which it is based, the competencies and resources at your disposal, and the projected timeline.

6. Preliminary Results
Concisely outline your previous research endeavors within the relevant research area, which serve as the foundation for your research plan and enhance its feasibility.

7. Utilization
Provide a brief description of how you intend to translate your research findings into tangible benefits for individuals living with disabilities.

8. Collaborations
Outline any collaborations with other research groups, spanning various disciplines, institutions, or geographical locations, that are integral to the success of your research project.

9. References
Include relevant references supporting the proposed research.

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