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Feb 16 - Mar 18

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Funding for Research Projects

About the Grants

The Foundation’s mission is to foster the development and dissemination of technical aids, with a particular emphasis on enhancing mobility, alongside supporting scientific research to create new aids and restore mobility and communication capabilities for individuals with disabilities.

Project grants are offered for durations of 1, 2, and 3 years.

Applicants may seek funding up to SEK 500,000 per year for a maximum period of three years. Additionally, the Foundation permits overhead costs of up to 20 percent of the total requested amount.

Application periods occur biannually, during the spring and autumn seasons.

One-Year Project Grants

If you have a pilot project requiring testing, we suggest seeking funding for a one-year period initially, followed by a subsequent application for a multi-year grant. Similarly, for projects with a duration of one year or less, it is advisable to apply for this grant.

Multi-Year Project Grants

For projects extending over several years, you may seek research funding for a maximum duration of three years. Furthermore, there exists the possibility to request continuation funding. Upon approval, the Foundation issues a multi-year letter of intent, with annual decisions being rendered subsequent to the submission of progress reports. Reporting is conducted within the established application cycles.

Application Content

1. Personal details for the applicant, encompassing contact information for the endorsing supervisor (such as the head of department or equivalent).

2. Comprehensive project description, inclusive of a layman’s summary in Swedish (please refer to the designated headings within the application system).

3. Research proposal adhering to the provided template (accessible for download or through the application system by initiating a new application).

4. Curricula vitae for both the primary applicant and any co-applicants.

5. Budgetary allocation along with accompanying justification.

Submit a Research Plan

The research plan may not exceed 5 A4 pages and should include the following headings

1. Project Title

2. Need
Provide a comprehensive description of the societal and research needs that underpin the project.

3. Significance
Illustrate how your project will contribute, both in the short and long term, to promoting an active and independent lifestyle for individuals living with disabilities.

4. Purpose and Objectives
Present an overview of the purpose and specific objectives of your research project.

5. Implementation
Detail your proposed approach to executing the research project, including the theories and methodologies upon which it is based, the competencies and resources at your disposal, and the projected timeline.

6. Preliminary Results
Concisely outline your previous research endeavors within the relevant research area, which serve as the foundation for your research plan and enhance its feasibility.

7. Utilization
Provide a brief description of how you intend to translate your research findings into tangible benefits for individuals living with disabilities.

8. Collaborations
Outline any collaborations with other research groups, spanning various disciplines, institutions, or geographical locations, that are integral to the success of your research project.

9. References
Include relevant references supporting the proposed research.

How to Apply

Applications are submitted via our digital application system, SBS Manager. An account on SBS Manager can be established using either email and password or Swedish BankID authentication. A Swedish BankID is required for application submission. Additionally, the endorsing supervisor must possess a Swedish BankID.

The application form is available in Swedish, and completion in English is permissible, with the exception of the Project Title and Layman’s summary, which must be provided in Swedish.