Digital Reporting

How It Works

Reporting is conducted through our digital application system.

You will receive email notifications prompting you to submit reports when required.

Reporting on achieved outcomes and expenditure must align with predetermined milestones (typically annually) and invariably upon project culmination.

Completion of reports for ongoing projects is mandatory prior to applying for additional funding.

Report Contents

Project reporting should comprehensively address both the status of results and the allocation of funds. The report should encompass documentation showcasing progress, including but not limited to published articles, reports, conference participation, patents, and other pertinent materials.



Layman’s summary

Briefly outline the problem addressed and elucidate how your findings contribute to its resolution. Summarize in accessible terms how your project contributes to promoting an active and independent life for individuals living with disabilities.


Identify the specific need within the disability community targeted by your research and rationalize its significance.

Scientific question

Detail the central scientific query guiding your research project.

Project objectives

Enumerate the concrete objectives and outcomes envisaged at the project’s outset.


Provide an overview of the outcomes achieved thus far and assess the degree of goal attainment.

Evaluation and conclusions

Offer insights derived from your findings and elucidate potential applications.


Explain the short- and long-term implications of your findings on promoting independence and activity among individuals with disabilities.

Future prospects

Present your vision for the project’s future trajectory and outline prospective areas of inquiry.



Knowledge dissemination


Scientific publications and reports

Catalog any publications or reports stemming from the project during the active period. Include a hyperlink to the article using Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Additionally, disclose articles that are pending publication or undergoing review, along with any other relevant scientific reports.

Presentations at Scientific Forums

Record presentations, oral prsentations or posters, of project findings at academic conferences or symposia.

Engagement in other contexts

Highlight involvement in media appearances, popular science lectures, podcasts, etc., with relevant links provided.