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To apply for grants from the foundation Promobilia


For what can one apply

The foundation only gives support for projects that are coherent with its objectives. In general, the results should be useful for a larger group and make itself known by any form of open publication. The applicant could be a university, high schools, hospitals or other institution, in Sweden or abroad. Even private persons can apply for support for projects if overleaf conditions are fulfilled. The foundation normally doesn’t give support for industrial projects or to a private person for (for example) purchase of help.

General conditions for according support

For projects that the applicant isn’t a private person, a responsible person should be chosen and inform the foundation Obtained results and the means used should be reported by stages as agreed The final report should contain results, used means, and other documentation that could illustrate the project A special book-keeping, separated from any other  activity should exist Consent that the foundation possess a part of the book-keeping In the publication of the results, the foundation should be named as contributor.


How to apply

If you are about to apply from outside Sweden, please read the attached information first.

Please use our application form when applying. This is a requirement! The application form can be downloaded from the right column of this page. It is labelled ”Application for research- and development grant”. The application should be addressed to the secretary of the foundation. When filling out the form, follow the detailed instructions printed in it. In general, the application should contain a description of the project stating the use the project would have and what kind of people it would reach, budget of the project, a responsible person, a possible scientific supervisor and a preliminary information about how the results would get known. The confirmation that the general conditions of the foundation can be accepted should be clear. The proposition of support or grant should be mentioned with a possible division of the payment. Dates of application  The foundation normally treats applications for support twice a year.

The current period ends :THURSDAY, October 14th 2021. Late applications will only be treated in the following period.

Contact Information

Address: Nybrogatan 59, SE-114 40 Stockholm Telephone: +46 8 666 9551 E-mail: info@promobilia.se

Application forms

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