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Promobilia Fellowships


The Purpose

The purpose of Promobilia Fellowships is to give young talents with a burning interest in research in the field of disabilities, the opportunity to kick-start a research career in the field. By contributing to more young researchers establishing themselves in this important field, we hope that the disability research field will be strengthened and developed with the long-term goal of providing greater opportunities for people living with disabilities to live an active and independent life.

The Offer

The Promobilia Foundation has, once a year, an open call for applications for:

  • two Promobilia doctoral fellowships with a grant period of 2 years, with the possibility of extension by another 2 years, (or until completion of the PhD if it occurs earlier).
  • two Promobilia postdoctoral fellowships with a grant period of 2 years, with the possibility of extension by 1 year.
    The annual grant, which can be used by the applicant only, amounts to SEK 725,000 for doctoral fellowships and SEK 900,000 for postdoctoral fellowships. The grant applies to full-time employment, it is also possible to do part-time research (minimum 50 %), whereby the grant disposal time will be extended accordingly.

The grant includes salary, employer contributions and overhead costs at the university (max 20 % of total). Any extension after the first grant period is decided by the foundation’s Technical and Scientific Committee after application and assessment of the progress report.

Promobilia Fellows are part of a network of young researchers who are invited approximately once a year to the Promobilia Fellows Symposium to exchange experiences and stimulate collaborations. Promobilia Fellows are expected to present their research at one of these symposia. 


For both types of fellowships, the positions must be affiliated to a Swedish university where the holder must be employed during the grant period.
Promobilia doctoral fellowship: applicants must be admitted to doctoral studies before the grant is paid out.
Promobilia postdoctoral fellowship: applicants must have completed their doctoral degree no earlier than three years before the application date. 

The call

Stiftelsen Promobilia welcomes applications from young researchers with research projects within the foundation’s purpose according to statutes.
The applicant defines their own research project within the field of functional disabilities and can cover a variety of disciplines including medicine, technology, physiotherapy or sociology etc.

The application period for 2023 is now closed.

If your application is accepted, employment should commence no later than 1 July 2024.

How to apply

Applications are submitted using our digital application system SBS-manager. The digital application form is in Swedish, but you may submit your application in English (apart from project title and popular scientific summary, which need to be in Swedish).

The following is required for your application to be complete:

  • Personal data.
  • Popular science summary in Swedish.
  • Research program (according to the template that you can find here).
  • Applicant’s CV.
  • Supervisor’s CV.
  • Confirmation from the head of department stating that the applicant will be employed at the department if the grant is granted (this is done digitally with BankID).                                     

Follow these steps to submit your application:

1. Create an account
Create an account with which you can log in to what will become “Min sida” (My page). This is where you will find your started or submitted applications. An account can be created with BankID or by name, email address and password. You will need BankID to submit the application once you have filled out the form.

2. New application
Select “Ny ansökan” (new application) and choose which grant you are applying for. Fill in your application step by step with the requested information. Some fields are mandatory, which means that the application cannot be submitted if the information is missing. You can close your started application at any time and come back to it later, click “Stäng (spara utkast)” (Close (save draft)).

3. Head of department
Your Head of Department needs to confirm that you will be employed at the department under the supervision of named supersvisor, should you be award a Promobilia Fellowship. A message will be sent to the email address of your Head of Department (provided by you) and they certify the above by signature with BankID. This must be completed before you can submit your application.
Note that emails may end up in a spam folder, so it is a good idea to remind your head of department to keep check there.

4. Submit the application
Submit your application by clicking on “Submit” after which you will need to sign using BankID.
Your application will arrive in the Foundation’s inbox and can no longer be revised by you. Contact the Foundation if you need to change or supplement a submitted application.

5. Decision
The review process and the board’s decision are expected to be completed approximately 3 months after the call closes. Decisions will be made via the digital application system and you will receive a notification via email.

Terms and conditions
Stiftelsen Promobilias general terms and conditions can be found on the page Apply for research funding.















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