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Apply for research funding from Stiftelsen Promobilia

NB! Application for project grants and Promobilia Fellowships are open to applicants affiliated to Swedish universities and research organisations. Applications are made through our digital application system whitch requires certification with Swedish BankID.


The foundation´s purpose according to the statutes

The foundation’s purpose is to promote the development of technical aids for people living with disabilities, providing opportunities for an active life, primarily through increased mobility indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, the foundation shall work for the promotion of such aids to become known, produced and put to use under terms financially beneficial to the individuals. The foundation’s purpose is also to support scientific research that can be expected to result in the development of new technical aids as well as such research that may recreate mobility and communication opportunities for people living with disabilities.


What can you apply for?

The foundation only grants funding for projects that fall within the above objectives. In general, the results generated must be deemed to benefit a larger group of people and are expected to be communicated through open publication in scientific “peer-reviewed” journals or equivalent. Applications can be made from universities, other institutions of higher education, hospitals or other public institutions. Private individuals can also apply for grants for projects as long as the above conditions are met. The foundation does not provide grants for industry projects, ordinary operations, nor to individuals for, for example, the purchase of aids or subsistence allowances. Only projects affiliated to a Swedish university or equivalent are eligible to apply. Projects abroad may in special cases be invited to apply for project grants.


The foundation awards three types of grants

Project grants

  • Two calls per year, Spring and Autumn.
  • The application period for 2023 is now closed.
  • Applications are made through our digital application system.

Promobilia Fellowships

Personal Stipend

Do you have an idea for an innovation that can promote an active and independent lifestyle for people living with disabilities that you would like to develop? You can apply for a personal stipend to support the development of your idea into a product that can be disseminated. Please contact the foundation at info@promobilia.se for more information.


Decision-making process

  • The assessment process is estimated to take approximately three months after the call has closed.
  • Applicants will receive a notification of our decision by email.
  • Decisions cannot be appealed. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide feedback on the application or justification for our decision.

Terms and Conditions

  • In the case of projects where the grant recipient is not an individual, a person responsible must be appointed for the project and the foundation must be informed.
  • Project or progress reports of achieved results and funds claimed must be submitted at agreed milestones (generally on a yearly basis) and always at the end of the project.
  • The final project/progress report must include results, a financial report as well as other documentation that highlights the project, such as published papers and reports, patents etc.
  • Project/progress reports are submitted in our digital application system.You will receive a notification by email when the reporting window opens.
  • Project/progress reports on current grants must be submitted before you can apply for further funding.
  • Requisition of a project grant must be made within twelve months of the decision being announced and it is assumed that the project will have started during that time.
  • Funds must be placed in a separate project account, separate from other activities. By receiving funding from the foundation, you consent to giving the foundation access to the project accounts upon request.
  • The disposal period for a project grant is a maximum of two years from the announcement of the grant.
  • In scientific or other publications and during presentations, it must be clearly stated that the research project has received support from Stiftelsen Promobilia. The foundation’s logo is available for download on the website.

Personal data (GDPR)

Personal data is processed in accordance with the law or other constitution in force at any given time. The personal data is collected via the Foundation’s application procedure, mainly via the Foundation’s application form. This is information such as name and address, date of birth, in some cases position and workplace. This information is necessary in order to process an application. All applications are voluntarily submitted with the aim of obtaining a research grant. Personal data is used, as mentioned, when assessing applications and for analytical purposes within the Foundation. Information in the research description is handled by the Foundation’s Technical and Scientific Committee, by the board and the administration with great integrity. In some cases where special expertise is needed to evaluate the application, information may also be shared with other external parties.

Information given by the applicant may, in cases where grants are awarded, be submitted to authorities in accordance with current law. Among other things, the Foundation’s website publishes information about granted awards with the name of the grantee, university affiliation, title of the application, popular scientific description and sum granted, which is done in agreement with the applicant. The information aims to inform about the Foundation’s grant activities and purpose fulfillment and is based on the assumption that this also benefits the researcher/grantee.

Upon application and requisition, the applicant approves and consents to the publication of information as described above. You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing at any time by sending a written and personally signed request to the Foundation. For further information about the Foundation’s handling of personal data, contact us at info@promobilia.se.









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