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Welcome to the Promobilia Foundation

The aim of the Foundation is to promote the development of technical aids so that disabled persons could benefit of a more active life. Our task is to support research and development of technical aids as well as ensure they get into production and reach the needy.

The Foundation mainly gives support for development of tools for disabled persons mobility but has also supported research about the comprehension of reading and writing difficulties. The Foundation has also supported research around diseases that could lead to severe motion problems.


Apply for research funds from Stiftelsen Promobilia

Note! Applications for project grants and research positions are made via our digital application system, which requires a Swedish BankID for login. We are currently unable to accept applications outside the digital system.

The foundation’s purpose according to the statutes

The purpose of the foundation is to promote development of technical aids for the disabled that provide opportunities for a more active life, primarily through increased mobility indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, the foundation shall work to ensure that these aids are produced, distributed and put to use on terms favourable to the individual. The foundation’s purpose is also to support such scientific research that is expected to result in new technical aids and to recreate the mobility and communication possibilities of the disabled in a neurological and operative way or in other ways.

What can you apply for?

The foundation supports projects that fall within the objectives described above. In general, the project results must be considered to be of benefit for a larger group of people and are expected to be communicated through open publication in scientific “peer-reviewed” journals or equivalent. Applicants can be universities, colleges, hospitals or other public institutions. Private individuals can also apply for grants for projects if the above conditions are met. The foundation does not make grants for industrial projects, ongoing operations, nor to individuals for, for example, the purchase of aids or subsistence allowances.

Only projects connected to a Swedish university or equivalent are eligible to apply. Projects abroad may in special cases be invited to apply for project grants.


The foundation awards three types of grants with different application periods and application procedures

Project grants

  • Two application opportunities per year, Spring and Autumn.
  • The fall 2023 application period is now closed.
  • The application is made through our digital application platform, more information about the application procedure can be found on the Project grants page.

Personal Stipend

  • Two application opportunities per year, spring and autumn.
  • The application is made on a form to be sent in by post (cannot be applied for digitally).
  • Applications are accepted continuously and the fall application period is now closed.
  • Information about the application procedure can be found on the Personal Scholarship page.

Research fellowships

  • One application opportunity per year.
  • The application period for 2023 is now closed.

 Review process and Decision

  • The review process is estimated to take about three months after the application period ends.
  • The foundation notifies all applicants of its decision via email.
  • Decisions cannot be appealed. Unfortunately we are unable to provide any feedback on your application.

Applications awarded

  • Decisions are communicated via email.
  • Information about how to requisition your grant will be sent in a separate email.
  • Please follow requisition instructions carefully.

General Terms and Conditions

  • For projects where the grant recipient is not an individual, a person responsible must be appointed for the project and the foundation must be informed.
  • A report including research results and a financial report must take place at agreed milestones and always at the end of the project.
  • Final reporting of the project must include research results, a financial report and other possible documentation that highlights the project.
  • There must be a separate project accounting of funds received, separate from other activities. The Foundation should, if required, be given access to the project accounts.
  • Requisition of the awarded grant must be made within twelve months of the decision being announced.
  • The disposition period for a grant is a maximum of two years.
  • In the case of scientific publications, other public or own publications, it must be stated that the project has received support from Stiftelsen Promobilia. The foundation’s logo is available for download on the website. 

Accounting and reporting

After the end of the project, a written project report must be submitted to the Foundation. The report should include the following points: description of the project, financial report and specification of published articles/reports. See also instructions in the PDF document below.

  • A report must be sent to the Foundation separately even if a new application has been made for a continuation of the project.
  • The report is sent to the Foundation via the email address: info@promobilia.se
  • In connection with the Foundation’s introduction of a digital application procedure for project grants, the reporting routine for these grants may change. The decision letter will state how the reporting is to be carried out.

Personal data – how the Foundation uses personal data (GDPR)

Personal data provided in the application is processed by Stiftelsen Promobilia for internal use only. Personal data is used for handling applications and for analytical purposes within the Foundation. Personal data processing also applies to previously submitted applications.

If a project has been awarded a grant, the Foundation will present the project manager and possibly other researchers within the project. They are presented with name, project title and University affiliation. The researchers may be presented in different contexts such as on our website, in our annual report, in newspaper advertising or similar information sites that Stiftelsen Promobilia chooses to inform about its grant activities and purpose fulfillment. We assume that it benefits both the researcher and the Foundation.

The applicant approves and consents, upon application and upon requisition of awarded funds, to this information being published as described above.

Stiftelsen Promobilia provides here a brief description of how we process personal data, (NB the document is in Swedish).

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