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Apply for Research Funding

Type of Application

Depending on the nature of your research, the application requirements may vary.

You may apply for:
1. Project Grant
2. Promobilia Fellowship
3. Personal Scholarship

Application Guide

Step 1 - Create Account

The application process is facilitated through our digital application system, SBS Manager. An account in SBS Manager can be established using either email and password or Swedish BankID. Upon successful creation of an account, access to “My Page” will be granted. This platform enables the initiation of new applications, as well as the retrieval of ongoing or previously submitted applications.

Step 2 - New Application

Choose “New Application” and fill out your application step by step with the requested information. Certain fields are obligatory, rendering the application unable to be submitted if these details are absent. You retain the option to interrupt and save your ongoing application at any time by clicking “Close (Save Draft), allowing for subsequent logins to finalize the application.

Step 3 - Signing by the Head of Department or equivalent

Your application must be signed by the individual designated as the department chair (or equivalent authority). This endorsement is requisite for submission of your application. Authentication is accomplished through the use of BankID. Kindly note that your designated contact will receive an email notification, which may potentially be filtered into the spam folder.

Step 4 - Submit Your Application

Click “Sign and Submit Application” to formally submit your application, confirming its accuracy through BankID authentication. Upon submission, your application will be directed to the Foundation’s inbox, where subsequent modifications by you will not be possible. Should you require adjustments or wish to provide additional information to your submitted application, kindly reach out to the Foundation for further assistance.

Step 5 - Decision

The evaluation process is anticipated to span approximately three months following the conclusion of the application period. Decisions will be disseminated via the digital application system, accompanied by notification via email.