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Welcome to the Promobilia Foundation


Information to All non-Swedish Applicants of Grants

You will receive the decision of the Board by mail (traditional mail) at the beginning of February 2015.


The Foundation Promobilia supports research and development projects. We give grants in the range of SEK 100,000 – 500,000 (in USD about 10,000 – 100,000). If you are about to apply from outside Sweden, please read the attached information first.


The goal of the projects will be to improve the condition of disabled persons in a way that fits the rules of the Foundation. Suitable candidates are warmly invited to apply! Current deadline for applications is set to FRIDAY 27th MARS 2015.

Our task

The aim of the Foundation is to promote the development of technical aids so that disabled persons could benefit of a more active life. Our task is to support research and development of technical aids as well as ensure they get into production and reach the needy. The Foundation mainly gives support for development of tools for mobility handicapped but has also supported research about the comprehension of reading and writing difficulties. The Foundation has also supported research around diseases that could lead to severe motion problems. Over a long period The Foundation Promobilia has been able to distribute about 3 mio SEK to different projects helping disabled persons. Up to the beginning of the 90’s, the Foundation supported inter alia the development of a wheelchair for children. An important reason with this support was that the size of these chairs wouldn’t make commercially profitable. Grants have also been given for research and development in hospitals and universities in Sweden and outside the country. For the board’s guidance in the choice of projects, there are scientific consultants with medicinal expertise.

Our fields of activities

The foundation has three major fields of activities Distribution of support and subsidies in accordance with the foundation’s goals and purposes. It’s first worth for the development of technical assistance for motion restrained people and for dyslexics, together with research on illnesses leading to handicaps. Development of new projects. In addition to that the foundation continually works to find out and motivate new projects that could benefit of further helps. Management of the foundation’s supplies. A continuous and increasing support activity implies a good management and a good yield of the totality of the foundation’s supplies.

Our story starts with Per Uddén

The story of the foundation Promobilia is nearly linked to doctor and inventor Per Uddén (1925-2002). As he was working as a doctor, he rapidly got interested in mobility problems. Short before his death in 2002, Per Uddén was honoured by the Karolinska institute that appointed him to honorary doctor for his insets for the mobility disabled persons and the dyslexics. Per Uddén is most famous for his efforts for the mobility disabled persons. When working as a doctor in Kälarne and Timrå, he met people who needed better wheelchairs than those that were available in the sixties. Per Uddén meant that the wheelchair should give the disabled persons a more active life. The wheelchair should be easy to displace oneself with, both indoor and outdoor, on roads or even in the country. Unhappy with what was available Per Uddén didn’t see any other solution then to contruct an electric wheelchair on his own. To get the dream of an electric wheelchair to come true it wasn’t enough to solve all the technical problems, money was needed too. When Per Uddén couldn’t raise any external development support he started the Foundation of Help for Handicapped, nowadays called Foundation Promobilia. About thirty people were engaged on a non-profit base. By selling stamps and simpler office articles to enterprises or private persons they managed to collect the means necessary for the development of the electric wheelchair. The Foundation was very successful in its efforts to collect support to the benefit of the disabled persons. Even the management of the collected money was fortunate. A major part of the foundation’s means could be used to finance projects in Permobil AB.

The wheelchair became Permobil

Per Uddén’s electric wheelchair was developed in Permobil AB. With Timrå as headquarter, has development, production and sale of the electric wheelchair been done since the middle of the seventies.

Selling Permobil AB

For the foundation to be able to focalise on its main task, to support the development of technical help for disabled persons, Permobil AB was sold to Nordic Capital in 2005. The receipts of the sale gave the foundation increased resources to contribute to other project helping handicapped. Also, Permobil AB got an owner that had the capital and the competence to lead the company towards benefits for everybody.

To apply for grants from the foundation Promobilia 

For what can one apply The foundation only gives support for projects that are coherent with its objectives. In general, the results should be useful for a larger group and make itself known by any form of open publication. The applicant could be a university, high schools, hospitals or other institution, in Sweden or abroad. Even private persons can apply for support for projects if overleaf conditions are fulfilled. The foundation normally doesn’t give support for industrial projects or to a private person for (for example) purchase of help.

General conditions for according support For projects that the applicant isn’t a private person, a responsible person should be chosen and inform the foundation Obtained results and the means used should be reported by stages as agreed The final report should contain results, used means, and other documentation that could illustrate the project A special book-keeping, separated from any other  activity should exist Consent that the foundation possess a part of the book-keeping In the publication of the results, the foundation should be named as contributor

How to apply If you are about to apply from outside Sweden, please read the attached information first.

Please use our application form when applying. This is a requirement! The application form can be downloaded from the right column of this page. It is published in MS-Word format and labelled ”Application for research- and development grant”. The application should be addressed to the secretary of the foundation. When filling out the form, follow the detailed instructins printed in it. In general, the application should contain a description of the project stating the use the project would have and what kind of people it would reach, budget of the project, a responsible person, a possible scientific supervisor and a preliminary information about how the results would get known. The confirmation that the general conditions of the foundation can be accepted should be clear. The proposition of support or grant should be mentioned with a possible division of the payment. Dates of application The foundation normally treats applications for support twice a year. The current period ends Friday, Mars 27th 2015. Late applications will only be treated in the following period.

Contact Information  Address: Nybrogatan 59, SE-114 40 Stockholm Telephone: +46 8 666 9551 Telefax: +46 8 666 9557 E-mail: info@promobilia.se  



Ansökningar rörande forsknings- och utvecklingsanslag skall vara stiftelsen tillhanda senast FREDAG DEN 27 MARS 2015 för att beaktas innevarande ansökningsperiod.

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